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Kauai Retreats

Kauai retreats are especially designed to restore balance in every area of your life. You will be trained in time tested disciplines, so when you get back home you are inspired, rejuvenated and equipped with the right tools to lead a healthy lifestyle and attain Radiant health.

All of Kauai retreats training programs, include Yoga classes, Meditation (Satsang), a vegan raw alkaline diet menu, educational / inspirational workshops speakers and entertainers. Kauai retreats training programs are designed for optimum cleansing, nourishing and nurturing of your body, mind and spirit.


Radiant Health & Self Realization


 Kauai retreats are a part of OMline Ashram. Our retreats are meant to train, educate, inspire and support you on your journey for an all-around better health and better quality of life. A true transformational week where you rest from your day to day life and get equipped with the necessary tools for radiant health and a renewed spiritual connection with the divine within you.


Turn Seekers to Seers

Meet the Founders

OMline Ashram and Kauai Retreats were founded by OM (Swami Omkarananda) for the sole purpose of pointing you in the direction where you can find exactly what you are looking for. OM’s teaching is simple, direct and with no sugar coating. Her love for you and her care for your well-being is her motivation and inspiration.

OM spent 18 years as a Swami within the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Organization OM is a direct and close disciple of the late Master Swami Vishnu Devananda who comes from a lineage of the great master of masters Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh. She taught worldwide in Yoga teachers training courses, directed yoga centers, ashram and was the principle director of the international Sivananda kids camp in Val Morin Canada for many years.

OM Is dedicated to improve the quality of every person’s life using the simple yet profound practices from ancient times to modern days. OM’s goal is to help you turn from a seeker to a seer and therefore her teaching is straight forward, simple and without the fluff.

Ananda Is OM’s right hand…A yoga teacher, an inspiring story teller an all-round assistant and OM’s husband. Ananda helps with the upkeep and smooth running of the Kauai Retreats homestead and everything else. When you are here with us and need anything, Ananda is the go-to person.

We look forward to meet you!

Radiant  Health

Self  Realization

Exercise Daily



Breath Deeply



Think Positively



Eat Live Food



Stay Inspired



Celebrate Life


















Know Thy self and Be FREE



The Retread Homestead

Kauai retreats are taking place in OMline Ashram’s Homestead. Located on two beautiful acres in the east shore or the coconut coast of Kauai, the magical Garden Island.

The Homestead is a place of peace, tranquility, bliss and real life practical training for a healthier and happier you.

Health is Wealth, Peace of mind is Happiness

Your health and happiness is your joy! Your well-being is our reward!

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