Kauai meditation retreats, are truly magical. Utilizing the already naturally balanced energy of the garden Island, you will find that it is much easier to relax, focus and enter, higher and higher states of consciousness quite effortlessly. With practice, you may experience that inner sweetness and insights that come with meditation that will give you the taste for more… And propel you to keep practicing at home.

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In a state of meditation you will find the answers to the most fundamental questions in life…Such as: “Who am I”?, “Where did I come from and where will I go”?, “What is my life’s purpose”? etc…

The realization of the answers to those questions enable you to live your life free of attachments. Meditation does not empty you, rather it allows your true essential nature to take the place of a jumpy and restless mind, that is creating havoc in your current experience of life.

It allows you to finally experience yourself. Your true and only Self. The one that was always present but was ignored due to ignorance. It is a dynamically moving experience to finally meet yourself for the first time and know first hand that you are that unconditional and infinite love, light, wisdom, and happiness. That there is nothing but THAT and that in essence beneath the layers of flesh, bones and other separations, yourself and all things created and uncreated are ONE consciousness.

Kauai meditation retreats are held at OMline Ashram’s training center for radiant health and Self realization. All of our retreats focus on the subject of regular practice in daily life and provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge to carry on your practice at home.

Benefits of Kauai Meditation Retreats

Meditation retreats will benefit your life today and everyday from now and for the rest of your days and beyond.


Sharpens your mind and prepares it for meditation to occur naturally.

Yoga Asanas

Purify your body and transform it into a strong and healthy instrument that is capable of practicing the necessary spiritual disciplines to achieve a state of meditation.


Relaxation is a prerequisite to a successful meditation, however the practice of relaxation will help you in everything you do in life.


Through the practices of breathing techniques, you will be able to control the flow of prana (life force). This practice is very beneficial for meditation as it focuses the mind naturally. Wherever your mind is that is where your prana or energy flows to. with the practice of pranayama you consciously direct the prana to flow to where you want it to flow and the result is a calm, focused, one pointed and quite mind and a steady and healthy body.


Purifies your heart and mind, induces a state of joy, diverts your attention inwardly to your true Self and creates a conducive mindset for meditation to occur naturally.

Raja yoga

One of the main four paths of yoga. Also called the path of meditation. The Raja Yoga teachings will shed light and provide specific and practical guidance for your everyday meditation practice and every aspect of your daily life.

Positive attitude

Becoming the master of your life and destiny by utilizing the power of your mind to your advantage.

“Step into silence… Hear, touch, smell, taste see and feel that peace, that is in this live and dynamic silence…You are now connected to your own Self. Direct communication is established. From now on, move fearlessly and courageously through life, detached from the noise of chaos and centered firmly in the growing and deepening dynamic silence within.”


Health is Wealth, Peace of mind is Happiness

Your health and happiness is your joy! Your well-being is our reward!