Yoga, Meditation, Raw Food Retreat


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Alkaline Raw Food

Kauai yoga retreats have the best Raw food menu you have ever tasted, guaranteed!

All fresh alkaline raw vegan meals are served three times a day.

Raw sandwiches are prepared for lunch which you can take with you to the beach or on an adventure.

Raw Alkaline Cooking classes. (One or more). You will learn the techniques that enable raw food to taste just like the foods you like.

We know from experience that eating living foods is the most nourishing and healing diet you can have but…We also love good tasting foods. So we will teach you how to make the foods that you already like with the flavors that you already love, in the raw form. That way you will never experience a cultural/culinary shock and you will have lots of fun back home in your own kitchen after the retreat.

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Yoga and Meditation

Daily, 90 minutes yoga asanas (postures) and Pranayama (Breathing techniques) class. The power of yoga is in its balancing and tuning effects on your body and mind, that leads to the experience of Radiant health and well-being.

Daily meditation and chanting.
A practice that leads you directly to your true self without any intermediate. It is the quickest way to happiness! Happiness is a result of a calm, peaceful and focused mind in which unconditional love flows directly from the source. An expression of the divine that will free you forever to be your true self.

Inspirational and Practical Classes

Kauai yoga retreats Signature retreats include; classes, workshops and lectures that are designed to equip you with practical tools for radiant health and Self realization. those activities may include but not limited to:

  • Yoga classes
  • Health and diet education classes
  • Raw cooking workshop
  • Positive thinking workshop
  • Meditation workshop
  • Relaxation workshop
  • Breathing techniques workshop
    and more…

Health is Wealth, Peace of mind is Happiness

Your health and happiness is your joy! Your well-being is our reward!