Everyone has a busy schedule nowadays but yoga can have such a powerful impact when you attend a retreat. Retreats can give you the opportunity to take the time to self-reflect and re-energize from your daily life. Many people find going to a retreat a life-changing experience, transforming their lives in a way that influences them to start doing yoga more or even teach yoga to others.

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Benefits of a Yoga

Increase happiness
Who doesn’t want to be happy? Everyone wants to be happy. Yoga makes you happy! By practicing yoga, you feel much more calm, relaxed, and mentally focused. Notice how people look like after they finish doing yoga? Sometimes you may spend too much time thinking, planning, contemplating, and just over processing too many things in your mind. Living in the moment and just observing what is around you and smiling can help boost your mood up. Research shows that by living in the present, reflecting on ourselves, and just staying focused can help make us have a better time, being more at peace with ourselves and be more positive. Negative vibes are never good to have.

Helping those with bipolar disorder

1 in 5 people, according to new research by The Journal of Psychiatric Practice, claim that daily yoga practice helps them to feel calm and has improved their mental health. They even claim that yoga has been “life changing” for them.

More energy

Do you feel drained? Refocusing your mind can help you feel more calm and relaxed and, at the same time, bring energy back into you.

Better Sex

Yes, it’s true. After all, the more flexible you are, the better sex you will have, right? That’s what yoga allows you to do. The various poses your body will be able to do when practiced daily. You will be able to show off to your partner and feel sexier than you’ve ever imagined. Yoga also helps you free your mind from stress and by being free of stress and anxiety, you will be able to focus more on the spiritual connection that you have with your partner. The ability to unite with them spiritually. That ability which the practice of yoga can gift you, will take your entire relationship to a higher level. You will no longer have sex, you will truly make love and only love has the power to transcend both, you and your lover to the experience of oneness.

Less Pain

If Yoga Asana does one thing for us, it is to increase our circulation and make us feel more flexible and more active. When you are doing your daily activities at work or at home, twisting your body around and bending over can easily cause pain to yourself if your body is not used to the movement. By stretching out and moving your body around, you allow your body to feel less pain while doing other activities.

Better Immunity

Obviously practicing yoga will lead to reduced stress as your mind is focused, your breathing relaxed, and your inner peace found. But did you know that your immune system is also affected….in a good way? By doing various poses in yoga, you boost your immune system up. Protect yourself against diseases and illnesses.

Better Circulation

When you stretch your body out, you allow your muscles to stretch out and your blood to flow more smoothly to all parts of your body. This leads to an improved circulation. The more poses you begin to master, the better your circulation will get which is important to your overall health.

Better Balance

Have you ever seen a picture of people practicing yoga? If you did, you will notice how focused they are in keeping their poses steady. The amount of balance it takes to master specific poses is incredible. Don’t be surprised if your balance is even better than before after a few weeks of yoga. Just like posture, once your body gets used to the various poses you are putting your concentration on, your body will automatically balance itself out and you will feel yourself having a better balance.

Better Memory

By relieving stress and refocusing your mind, you allow yourself to think clearly and remember things much better than before. Improved blood flow is a huge factor in memory retainment. Yoga is a great way to improve increased circulation to the brain. Memory-loss disorders such as Alzheimer and other related disorders are commonly reduced when practicing yoga.
Lower Blood Sugar Levels
Just like cholesterol, yoga has the ability to lower down blood sugar levels. When practiced daily and paired with healthy eating, you will start feeling the effects right away. High blood sugar is the result of lack of exercise and bad diet.

Prevent Osteoporosis

Having a bad back? The different poses in yoga can not only help you improve your balance and poster but once your body gets used to it, it can help you strengthen your bones. In an interview done with Dr. Loren Fishman, the impact of yoga on osteoporosis is discussed. It is taken into account how the various stretching of different poses can stimulate bone cell growth by being compressed, twisted, or elongated. The bone mass is increased until the amount of pressure caused by the stretching can be resisted. It’s sort of like weight-training. The muscle fibers react to the heavy pressure and stretching of the various exercises by tearing about and growing more so that the pressure can be resisted. Osteoporosis is caused by a lack of bone tissue, typically caused by a deficiency in calcium or vitamin D or even hormonal changes. By making the bones grow more tissue, the bones get stronger and less brittle.

Yoga can relieve stress
Research shows that yoga can help relieve anxiety and stress when practiced often. Yoga has shown to improve a person’s mood and fight stress. A study conducted by the University of California, Los Angeles showed how yoga, when done for 12 minutes per day for 8 weeks, can help boost your immune system by decreasing its inflammation response. Over-stressing can cause your body to lose the ability to regulate its normal inflammatory response, which can lead to many health problems including depression. Lowering down our stress can help maintain our mental health and how our body regulates itself.
Better Sleep
Are you familiar with the saying that you should never go to sleep angry? End the day on a positive note. Spend time doing some yoga before you go to sleep and you can fall asleep easier and faster. Sleep is good for the brain. It is also good for the nervous system which is a crucial part of the body.
More strength
It’s not just energy that you will get from yoga. Doing various poses of yoga can help you feel more flexible, lighter, and stronger. When your body stretches out and you begin to unwind, you can feel yourself rebuilding strength and becoming more flexible in places you never thought existed.
Lowering Your Blood Pressure
High Blood Pressure is a problem many adults have all over the world. Stress is often a cause of high blood pressure. Yoga is a great way to relieve stress and lower down blood pressure. By mastering the various poses in yoga and meditating while posing, you can flex your body out in various directions and it will serve as a good workout for your heart.
Better Metabolism

By practicing the various poses in yoga, you give yourself the chance of getting a good workout which means having a better metabolism. Yoga builds your lean muscle and makes you more flexible. So even after your yoga workout, you will still be burning calories.

Better Respiration

Breathing techniques can help you breathe better. The better you breathe, the more focused you will feel since it is oxygen that your brain and body needs to stay up. Yoga focuses a lot on breathing and when you do a lot of yoga, your breathing will get better.

Better Posture

Good posture is a challenge to a lot of people. Yoga helps you by stretching your body out and gets you into a position where you can realign your body stature in different places allowing you to have a better posture than before. Have you ever tried changing how you sit or stand but you can’t because your body is so used to it. Try stretching your body out on a daily basis and see if there is a difference.

Lose Weight

If you want to lose weight in a peaceful way, practice yoga. Not only will you build lean muscle but you will also shed pounds. The amount of concentration and focus needed to do yoga will help stretch and build muscle. Of course, muscle building burns calories in the process.

Lower Cholesterol

Lack of exercise and activity as well as bad diet can cause high cholesterol. Practicing yoga reverses that by encouraging you to eat healthier and more organic foods and exercising your body more. You will find that after several sessions of yoga, you will lower down your cholesterol and feel so much more energized than ever before.

Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Because of yoga’s ability to increase blood circulation through the body and the brain and its ability to lower blood sugar and cholesterol, which are all causes of heart disease, yoga can become a powerful exercise to lower down the risk of heart disease. Different poses allow you to stretch and tone your body and combined with daily exercise, can really improve your health.

Health is Wealth, Peace of mind is Happiness

Your health and happiness is your joy! Your well-being is our reward!